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Alumni Updates

There are now thirteen Alumni of the Keep Achieving at Brookdale (Kach) program. Seven members graduated on May 21, 2014, and are preparing to move on to their next endeavors. Samantha Kudrick, Tommy Ostner, Greg Ryan and Tyshon Woods will continue to work at their current jobs with extended hours. Greg and Tyshon will also be taking additional classes at Brookdale. Chris Scholl will be taking classes at Brookdale as well, and is thinking of matriculating into an Associate’s Degree program. Zachary Stroik will be moving on to a very exciting new program, the Careers and Community Support program at The College of New Jersey. Finally, Jared Williams is looking into some exciting recreational programs while he begins his job search in earnest.

The six graduates of the class of 2013 are also busily pursuing their dreams. Shannan Coomber is working her dream job, and loving it. Shannan also participates in several other programs at The Arc. Peter Rienzo continues to write his poetry and is hoping to start in some of The Arc’s programs in the fall. Jason Siber continues working and participating in The Arc’s programs, as does Jimmy Smith. Krystina Volpe has moved to upstate New York and is involved in several wonderful programs through her local chapter of The Arc. Finally, Karl Zhang continues to participate in several of The Arc’s programs while he takes classes at Brookdale. Karl will also begin an earnest job search soon.

We are hoping to have an alumni reunion in mid-July, so please stay tuned for more information.


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