Winter Glow Ball History


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In the mid 1960s the Countess Anatole Buxhoeveden, whose daughter Anabel was an individual with intellectual disabilities moved to Monmouth County.

Quickly realizing the need for services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Monmouth County, she gathered her friends together and held the first Winter Glow Ball in 1966.  That was the beginning of what would become the largest annual fundraiser held by The Arc of Monmouth.

Countess Anatole Buxhoeveden, Founder of the Winter Glow Ball

Countess Anatole Buxhoeveden, Founder of the Winter Glow Ball

For 25 years, this event has been chaired by Mrs. Anita Roselle, with support from the “Tuesday Group” Committee.

This event has been held every December since 1966, and has raised many millions of dollars for the association.  It has helped to make possible the outstanding growth and success of The Arc of Monmouth.

Past honorees of the Winter Glow Ball have been:
2000- Marjorie Tedesco
2001- Peter & Judy Dawkins
2002- John F. Croddick
2003- Lou Giordano
2004- Vincent Puma
2005- Stacey Cooper
2006- Celebrating Our History
2007- Jack Privetera; Junior Honoree: Mara Bey; Recognizing Roxanne Oka
2008- Janice Colondrillo
2009- Timothy J. Hogan, Steven G. Littleson & W. Peter Daniels
2010- Steven Bidgood
2011- Eric Hinds
2012- Peter Cancro, and the Scaduto/Azzolina Families
2013- Maureen & John Lloyd, and the Hilton Family
2014- Joseph & Anita Roselle, Tim McLoone

Photographs from the 2010 Winter Glow Ball