Winter Glow Ball History

Countess Anatole Buxhoeveden, Founder of the Winter Glow Ball

Countess Anatole Buxhoeveden, Founder of the Winter Glow Ball

In the mid 1960’s, the Countess Anatole Buxhoeveden moved to Monmouth County with her daughter Anabel, an individual with intellectual disabilities. As they settled into the community, they found that The Arc provided the services and supports Anabel so desperately needed.

Quickly realizing that The Arc was in need of funding to provide care for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), she gathered her friends together and held the first Winter Glow Ball in 1966. That was the beginning of what would become the largest annual fundraiser held by The Arc of Monmouth.

This event has been held every winter since 1966, and has raised many millions of dollars to benefit both The Arc and the 1,600 individuals and families it serves.

For 25 years, this event was chaired by Mrs. Anita Roselle, with support from the “Tuesday Group” Committee. Mrs. Roselle chaired the gala with passion and verve, carrying on the traditions set forth by the Countess. Her twenty-fifth anniversary was commemorated with a memorable roast of Anita and her husband Joseph.

In 2015, the torch was passed to Holly Annarella Flego of Shore Point Distributing Company. Mrs. Flego is not only the daughter of past chair Beverly Annarella, but also the sibling of an individual served by The Arc of Monmouth.