Vocational Services (WOC)

The Work Opportunity Center (WOC) is a community vocational program. Individuals with disabilities build and strengthen work skills by doing real jobs subcontracted from local businesses.



The WOC building, flooded during Superstorm Sandy, has now reopened following a year of extensive repair work. This would not have been possible without the support of many generous donors and foundations. In early 2014, a donor tree will be created that lists every supporter who helped to rebuild WOC. This will be on display both at WOC and online.

To read about WOC’s reopening, click here.

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While we are partially reopened, over $100,000 in further repair work remains.  To Contribute to WOC Rebuilding Efforts, Click “Donate” Below:

WOC is housed in a climate controlled 30,000 square foot building with a 10,000 square foot warehouse and a workforce of over 165 people in Long Branch, New Jersey.  A 22 foot box truck enables WOC to serve the state of New Jersey and the surrounding areas.


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Contact Information

Linda Porter
Director of Vocational Services
(732) 229-4414 ext. 204

For Subcontract Work Contact: Elaine Richardson, Marketing & Sales Mgr.
(732) 229-4414 ext. 205