WOC – for Individuals


Services for Individuals

WOC offers a wide variety of opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Vocational Evaluations
This service provides diagnostic services to individuals with intellectual and  developmental disabilities, exploring their vocational interests and abilities. A written report is generated by the Work Evaluator, which highlights areas of strengths as well as those areas that may need additional training. Community job samplings are conducted in this service.

Longtime WOC Trainee Peter Adams

Work Adjustment Training

This training assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to develop the vocational skills and social behaviors necessary for successful employment. Areas of concern that are identified in the vocational evaluation are addressed through counseling, vocational training as well as additional job samplings.

Extended Employment
This service provides ongoing support to individuals with intellectual and  developmental disabilities. The Staff not only assists individuals in maximizing their earnings but they also offer individual habilitation plans in an effort to foster independence and enhance self esteem.

Additional Opportunities Available

– Individual Job Skills Training
– Job Clubs I & II
– Interview Training
– Self-Advocacy Groups
– Job Sampling
– In-House Work Experience
– Referrals to The Arc’s Employment Services
– Dental Services
– Vision Screenings
– Podiatrist Services


Contact Information

Contact: Linda Porter
Director of Vocational Services
(732)229-4414 ext. 204

For Subcontract Work Contact: Elaine Richardson, Marketing & Sales Mgr.
(732) 229-4414 ext. 205